Koridashi: How to Make Japanese Iced Brew Tea

Koridashi: How to Make Japanese Iced Brew Tea

In Japan, ice brewing tea is a common way to cool down during those hot summer days. Not to be mistaken for cold brewing, this slow, graceful technique with ice is called Koridashi. 

What is Koridashi?  

This method originated in Japan and is a unique way of steeping tea known as ice brewing or shinobacha. It involves infusing tea leaves over ice, which means you'll need to have patience as you wait for the ice cubes to melt before you can enjoy your refreshing beverage. 

Why? The slow ice brewing method extracts all the sweetness of the tea leaves and reduces any bitterness. 

How do I Koridashi? 

1) You'll need a vessel. You can use a glass or Tokoname clay teapot, but a bowl works well, too.

2) Put the ice into the vessel. It’s recommended to use filtered water for your ice cubes. 

3) Pour in a couple teaspoons of your green tea, preferably sencha.  We are using our Strawberry Patch Green Tea.  However, you can use black tea, rooibos, or anything else, though this is not common in Japan. 

4) Be patient while you wait for the ice to melt. 

5) Strain the melted ice from the leaves into a glass and enjoy! 

Will you make yourself this Japanese-style iced tea? 

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